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Illustration: TEGRA-children on a city-wide post natal group, foto: Gjertrud Kringeland

Information about Childbirth preparation courses and City-wide post-natal groups

1. Childbirth preparation course for pregnant women with immigrant origins and living in Stavanger. 
We would like to make certain that pregnant women with immigrant origins get the best possible preparation for childbirth and the post-natal period, so we invite you to a course.

The course will be held by a public health nurse and a midwife.
Films and illustration charts will be used during the course. The course starts at 9:30 in the morning. We meet three times and the meetings last about 90 minutes. It is free of charge. We recommend that you bring along someone you know well, either your husband, a girlfriend or mother.

Registration: You can call us, send your registration by post, e-mail or use sms.
We need the following information: your name, address, mobile number and your due date. Let us know if you need an interpreter. If you do, we need to know witch language.

Klubbgaten 5, on the 3rd floor (4.etasje) in Sentrum helsestasjon (Centrum Health Station).

2. A City-wide post-natal group for families with immigrant backgrounds, living in Stavanger.
The post-natal group is held by a public health nurse, midwife, physical therapist, dentist assistant and a doctor. The meetings will last about 90minutes and we meet five times. It is free of charge.

We will discuss sleeping patterns, the circadian rhythm, diet, motor function, contact between parent and child: what it is to talk together and understand your child.  Otherwise we will discuss whatever you think is important.

Registration: You can call us, send your registration form by post, e-mail or use sms.
When registering please give us your name, address, mobile number, and the date your child was born.  Let us know if you require an interpreter.

Klubbgaten 5, on the 4th floor in Sentrum helsestasjon (Centrum Health Station).Use the main entrance to Arkaden shoppingcentre, take the elevator to the 3rd floor (4.etasje).

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you hav any questions about the Childbirth preparation course or City-wide post-natal group!

e-mail: Thora-marie.brekke@stavanger.kommune.no
Telephone:  51 50 83 15 (only Tuesdays)

Sentralbord 51 50 70 90

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