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PregnancyPregnancy check-ups
When you are pregnant, as a part of routine antenatal care in Norway, you will be given appointments for your regular pregnancy checkups, called "svangerskapskontroll". You decide whether you want to see a midwife or a doctor. In Stavanger you usually see your doctor at your first check-up and a midwife on your 2nd. Your husband, partner or another person may accompany you. Pregnancy check-ups are free.

Make an appointment with a midwife at Sentrum helsestasjon (Public Health Clinic/Stavanger).
The consultations with a midwife will take place at Sentrum helsestasjon/Stavanger, Klubbgata 5, 3rd floor (4.etasje), entrance through Arkaden shopping sentre. Please bring your pregnancy health card and a samle of your morning urine. Usually the first consultation will take one hour or so, with subsequent visits requiring around thirty minutes. 
Please call 51 50 83 12 for an appointment with our midwifes.

Useful information to expectant mothers:
Pregnancy is an exciting period in a woman’s life. During pregnancy, many women have questions and concerns regarding nutrition, exercise, alcohol and tobacco use. Expectant mothers all desire the best for their babies!

You have your first appointment with your midwife in approximately the 16th week of your pregnancy. It is however very important that you get correct information regarding nutrition and lifestyle habits as early as possible in your pregnancy.
Please take some time and read the advice given to you in this leaflet, so you can give the best possible start to your developing baby!

Our aim is to support and aid you on this exciting journey towards giving birth to your baby! You probably have some concerns and questions on your mind, and as your delivery date approaches, we will discuss various themes such as giving birth, breastfeeding, and the postnatal period.

Please do not hesitate to contact either your doctor (GP) or midwife if you have any important matters regarding your pregnancy that need urgent attention.

Telephone number to midwifes at Sentrum helsestasjon: 51 50 83 12

Read the recommended brochure: Are you pregnant?   Read the recomended brochure "A healthy lifestyle before and during pregnancy"

Recommended brochures from Norwegian Directorate of Health : 


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